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Weekly Favorite Links

For all those active in the workforce, Wednesdays are probably one of our favorite days of the week. I know it’s definitely mine. It reminds me that the weekend is almost here, which usually means more sleep (my favorite) + personal/church/family/friends time (also my favorite).

One of the best aspects of getting back into blogging is having a space to share all my favorite online reads. For my friends, this probably means less spam on their Facebook walls and email inboxes. No promises guaranteed though. Let the linking begin!

Mac and Cheese Party – This is such a great and fun party idea! I might host one in the near future. Maybe throw in dessert options too!

How to make homemade cough drops. This came in handy because I woke up with a sore throat today. Due to a shortage of time, I don’t see myself making this anytime soon, but I’ll be keeping this recipe in my archives for the future!

But God – This was such a crucial and poignant reminder for me and it came at a great time. I constantly take God – his love, grace, mercy – for granted.  Continue reading