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Crispy Pork and Cabbage Spring Rolls

The search for extra crispy spring rolls began through YouTube several weeks ago. My mom and I were discussing preparations for our family’s Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner, and while I was on board to contribute, I had absolutely no idea what I should make. Should I make a meat dish? But then what kind of meat? Something with fish or chicken — no, wait, maybe beef. Or uhh pork. Shoot, maybe I should just go with a vegetarian option because that might be easier. BUT I WANT MEAT. Oy, the struggles.

Clearly, I was going nowhere and I needed some inspiration, but time was ticking. Thankfully, I remembered that someone had randomly recommended a Taiwanese cooking channel that they found to be helpful, and as I was browsing through some of the videos on the channel, I stumbled upon a tutorial for beef spring rolls. One video was all it took for me to be completely fascinated with perfecting the art of spring rolls by the time the dinner would happen.

Easily persuaded? Yes, yes I am.

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Weekly Favorite Links (Jan 29-Feb 4, 2015)

(Photo Via Kristen Merie & A Cup of Tea)

Before I share all my favorite links this week, I want to talk about my life for a bit. Last week was a stressful week. While I thought I had planned a week full of down time with only a handful of things to do, my schedule filled up fairly quickly with spontaneous activities and meetings. While all the spontaneity was good for my soul in the long run, I still wrestled with anxiety. This led to a lot of sleepless nights because I couldn’t turn my brain off. And if you know me, I love my sleep so not sleeping well was extra hard.

In addition, the sore throat that I mentioned about last week gave me a lot of anxiety because I really didn’t want to get sick. By God’s grace, it didn’t turn into a full-blown cold. At the start of this week, I thought it did, but I was only experiencing my first-ever symptoms of allergies. Still, there are lessons to be learned. God is teaching me to rest in Him in my anxiousness. Every time I become worried about things outside of my control, the Spirit reveals to me my lack of trust in my Savior. It’s only when my body begins to break down, physically and/or emotionally, that I’m forced to recognize my own limitations and how I CANNOT do it all.

It may seem like a silly lesson to learn repeatedly, but I don’t think I’m truly repentant about it. I may be repentant about it in the moment, but time always reveals where our hearts stand. I can’t meet up with every person, I can’t pray and serve all those that I feel strongly convicted to care for, I can’t bake a bazillion things that I want to learn, and I can’t perfectly balance work and family and friends and leadership responsibilities….. the list goes on. On top of all the anxiety, last week unexpectedly brought about some unwanted emotional pain, anger, and bitterness from the past. At what seemed like the worst timing ever, God sovereignly chose that moment in time to test my faith. And when I was in the midst of dealing with a myriad of flooding emotions, Psalm 46:10 came to mind. Be still, Endora. Abide in Me. Find rest in Me.

Humbling, much-needed reminders. It’s a constant struggle, but I’m thankful that it’s not a lonely battle.

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