Weekly Favorite Links (July 9-15, 2015)

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

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So… here’s a belated update: I am on week three at the new job. Everything just happened so quickly and there’s been a ton of changes to adapt to. But y’all already know how I feel about change. For the past several weeks, I’ve been in training for tasks and duties that I have responsibilities for. In addition, since someone on my team will be going on leave soon, I have extra things that I’ll need to handle in their absence. Otherwise, I have enjoyed getting to know my coworkers and other people in neighboring departments.

Funemployment seems like so long ago, when in reality, it was only three weeks ago. THREE. I also started an online course around the same time, which has only added to the busyness. Does it sound a little overwhelming? It kind of is. I think the biggest change for me during this time of transition has been the loss of free time. (And sunshine. SUNSHINE, I MISS YOU.)

When I was unemployed, I had almost all the free time in the world. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to do — I still had a schedule that I followed — but the difference was that I could practically do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. And it was really nice, not to mention super comfortable. But now, I’m quite limited in what I can do outside of work. My leisure time is limited to the couple hours I have before work and the handful of hours I have after work, before the hectic cycle repeats itself all over again. While I had expected this and had tried to prepare myself for it ahead of time, it’s nonetheless still overwhelming–physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If anything, I think resuming employment brought out certain idols in my life. I realized that I’m quite selfish with my time and I’m more of a creature of comfort than I thought I was. When a working day is complete, I can’t wait to go back home and just lock myself up in my room and catch up on a day’s worth of social media. When I clock out of the office, I wrestle with making time for others that are harder for me to love. I go back and forth on deciding whether to spend quality time with family over hanging out with friends because I’d much rather be surrounded by the latter. I grumble in my heart when I have to put aside my wants and desires, my so-called “me” time.

There are days when I feel depleted of energy, completely fatigued, and yet I know that I need to lay aside my own selfishness, pride, and love of self in order to be faithful. Sometimes it doesn’t seem “fair.” But employed or not employed, God is always teaching me how to follow him in the mundane. Every day, I have choices I need to make. Do I choose to live for myself or do I choose to surrender and let God reign in my life? Do I choose joy or despair? Dependence in God or control over my own circumstances? Anxiety or confidence in God’s sovereignty?

Sacrificial love is hard. Obedience is hard. Persevering is hard. However, if there’s anything that quickly shakes me out of my own pity party, it’s dwelling on the fact that Christ went above and beyond to demonstrate sacrificial love to me. Christ humbled himself and was obedient, even to the point of death on a cross. So in the mornings, when I struggle to wake up and have a cheerful attitude, or when I’m fighting feelings of being overwhelmed, I pray that God would humble and change my heart. I pray that I would repeat Philippians 2 to myself and that I’d cast away any self-centeredness, looking towards Christ as the ultimate example of how to serve and love others, and to have joy in the face of trials.


How We Do Family Devotions“But I am confident that when we measure by the hundreds spread over the 20 years the children are in our care, we will see that God worked powerfully in the hearts of our children and their parents. And I am confident we will see that he worked through the commitment we made to such a simple, wonderful tradition.” I enjoyed reading how Challies and his family does family devotions. It sounds glamorous, but similar to what he shared, it’s sometimes not. In my family, we have weekly “family worship time” and we’ve been doing them for as long as I could remember. We sometimes sing a song or two, then we all go around and share a passage from our devotions, talk about our schedules and upcoming events, and pray together. Not gonna lie, there are days when it’s hard and no one wants to participate. Sometimes we even end up getting into silly arguments during the sharing time. If anything, my parents are such troopers for keeping the family worship time alive, week after week. I can only hope to be as faithful as them one day. Because having a time of family devotions and prayer is truly invaluable.

Inevitable Pain, Stunning Grace – Even though she’s no longer a part of this world, Kara’s words remain behind. I’m so glad. This woman’s writing pierces my heart.

Meeting Elisabeth Elliot– What a great story. Elisabeth Elliot’s truly such a great example of a woman that not only talked the talk, but walked it too.

Motherhood Trials, The Gospel, And The Devastation Of Idols – I couldn’t have said this any better. This could be applied to not just motherhood, but life in general.

Too Busy To See We’re Blind“Breathe and see, blind child. Our rest is not measured in minutes or hours, but in proximity. Sabbath is a day, but it is also a place with God — a place he makes, where he pursues, even when our world is moving at hyper-speed, and we feel like we live on the edge of imminent catastrophe. Even when we have everything to lose, we are the blind man of whom Jesus will not lose sight.”


Blueberry Scones – Favorite.

Cheesy Potato, Corn, And Zucchini Galette – Yumyumyum.

Chocolate Cherry Almond Snack Bars – I could always use some afternoon snacks at work.

Coconut Coffee Scrub – Who knew that coffee could be paired with coconut and used as an exfoliator? Mind blown.

How To Make Honey Butter – Featuring MINIONS! Yes, I watched it for them. No shame. Okay, but the recipe’s pretty cool.

One of my favorite food bloggers, Lady and Pups, shares her spicy chicken sandwich. I can’t wait to try this.


Jessie Graff at American Ninja Warriors – Duuudddee. This girl is so buff. Ahhh! I also loved this one of Nicholas Coolridge. Watching them pumps me up. Also extra motivating when I want to quit during my workout.


Hallelujah – Indeed.

TV and Movies:

SHERLOCK IS COMING BACK. Insert a bazillion exclamation points.


  1. Aaron says:

    This is a great post! Dealing with moving into a new home and not having a consistent routine after work has shown me how selfish I am with my time. Thank you for the reminder of sacrificial love.

    The family devotion post by Challies was pretty good.



    • endorap says:

      But you and J are doing a great job of inviting people into your home! Well, I know you guys definitely will use that space well.

      Yeah, I rather liked that family devotion post by Challies. I appreciate how relatable and personable his posts can be.



  2. Janna says:

    “free time”…”me time”…but really, none of the time is really ours…youre right, we are so selfish!

    and hi aaron!

    btw endora, theres a sherlock exhibit at the discovery cube in santa ana…i was there for a meeting for work last week and totally thought of you!


    • endorap says:

      “None of the time is really ours.” Man, why you gotta be so wise. ❤

      LOL I love that you and Aaron are connecting on the web now. This is why social media and the web exists, in my opinion.



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