Weekly Favorite Links (May 28-June 4, 2015)

Sorry for the hiccup and that this post is so late. This week’s weekly favorites will resume back on Wednesday!

Strangely, it has been quite an exhausting week, considering that I even cut back on the half-marathon training due to some of my scheduled plans. I went to visit old friends at my alma mater last week. This visit was much more memorable and worthwhile than I originally anticipated, despite also getting my car towed and having to spend a fortune getting it back (ask me in person or in the comments below). I really didn’t visit all year, but I wanted to catch up with those that were preparing to graduate soon and to see some of my underclassmen-turned-upperclassmen friends. I wanted to support and encourage these friends of mine as they prepared for the next chapter of their lives.

It was weird being back as an alumnus because once I stepped on campus, it still felt oddly familiar — almost a bit like home. I attended my old college Christian fellowship, and was surprised that I couldn’t recognize a lot of people. More than half of the room was filled with strangers and new faces. But it didn’t really matter when the lights turned off and the musical worship began. We sang some of my favorite hymns, but there was a particular sense of brokenness as we all loudly sang “Be Thou My Vision” and when we cried out, Oh God, be my everything, be my delight. Be Jesus my glory, my soul’s satisfied.

I think my soul was weary and hungry to be refreshed and renewed. Perhaps I’ve been too caught up with doing things and serving others on my own strength. I gave myself pressure to strive for more and to be better at being in control. In my stubbornness, I wanted to endure without God’s Word, to just motivate myself somehow to keep pressing on. I was also trying to gain comfort from other people because they’re tangible and immediately there, instead of turning to the ultimate source of rest: God Himself. Letting go of myself was hard and it was even harder to admit that enduring without God is impossible. As I sang with my arms in surrender, it was humbling to lay down my burdens before God, to confess that in the midst of trying to figure things out on my own, I was feeling increasingly lost and directionless.

This life is confusing. It is tiring and full of distractions that tries to hinder our worship to the only One that is worthy. We are constantly told what we ought to be, bombarded with messages of what we are missing out on, and things that we should pursue. In a way, the world wants us to be our own god. But it is not my goal in life to be a creature living in luxurious comfort, to fill my belly with all that this world has to offer. More and more, I want to find true rest and comfort in Jesus, to have my eyes focused only on eternity.

Oh God, be my everything, be my delight. Be Jesus my glory, my soul’s satisfied.


How Should We Respond To Caitlyn Jenner – Some wise truths that we should all follow but might be hard to do on our own strength. We need to be sensitive of our actions and words, and to be witnesses of light in these times.

The Cost of Radical Generosity – It’s so easy to compare our lives with others, and to feel as if they have it better. Social media like Facebook and Instagram also doesn’t help. I’m guilty of throwing pity parties and feeling as if God is asking too much of me. But whatever we’ve been given, either little or much, we are called to be good stewards of what is essentially not ours.

When Our Career Plans Aren’t Panning Out – God is so sovereign because I’ve been struggling with seeking clarity and making a decision about the career that I want to pursue. I enjoyed “Then God opened his eyes to see the lives of Joseph, Moses, Abraham, and Nehemiah—men who engaged in work that seemed unrelated to their callings for many years. He also used the story of the Tower of Babel to show Agrelius how he sometimes frustrates our plans in order to push us into uncomfortable areas for us to grow in our understanding of who we are and who he is. What we see as betrayal might just be redirection as part of a larger plan.”

I got a good laugh at these 3 funny church signs.


5 Ingredient Lemon Chicken – A little more than five ingredients, buuut a lot of the ingredients should already be in your kitchen. Do you guys like asparagus? I used to hate it but I’ve recently discovered how delicious asparagus can be with the right seasoning.

5 Minute Brown Butter Honey Granola – I could spare five minutes to make this!

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Angel Food Cupcakes – Coconut cream and strawberries!

Golden Beet Chips With Spicy Goat Cheese Dip – Mouthwatering.

Saveur Blog Awards – Congrats to all these food bloggers! Some of my favorites have won these much-coveted awards!

Strawberry and Peanut Butter Cookie Salad – My kind of salad.

Strawberry Tiramisu – I think I would prefer this over regular tiramisu.


“Bright” Cover – I rather like this cover of Echosmith’s song.

“Fly Me To The Moon” Cover – My friend Coral is one of the most talented musicians that I personally know. I think I could listen to her for hours.

“See You Again” Cover – Kiiinnnnnaaa!!!


  1. Arwen says:

    WHAT! You got your car towed?? I did not hear about this today during our phone conversation! That sucks..

    How easy it is to rely on ourselves instead of God’s strength. I get caught up thinking that I’m good enough to do it all by myself too.

    I love that hymn. ^-^

    And how fitting that you posted that article about generosity. Definitely has been a time of wrestling with that, but I’m starting to see how much more worthwhile it is to be generous than hoard treasures for myself. It’s kind of paradoxical, because we automatically think, “If I give this away, there’s less for me.” That may be literally true, but I feel like my life is more enriched by giving more.


    • endorap says:

      Haha long story short. I stayed over and parked on Gayley and thought that I needed to move my car at 8 AM but it turned out it was 7 AM. So by the time I got there around 7:45 AM…. my car was gone. 😦 It was definitely a learning experience because the numbers on the tow away signs weren’t working so I eventually called police and they directed me to the impound location. God was so gracious because the friend I stayed with had a car and didn’t have class until later so she was able to drop me off and I was able to go home.

      Yes, YES, YEEEESSSS!!! Sometimes I feel that it’s unfair that I have this conviction to give more when I see others with more resources not doing the same. But there are 3 truths that I need to remember: 1) I can always make more money as long as I live and it’s temporary, 2) I will never be fully satisfied with material possessions and wealth, nor should I find my worth in them, and 3) whatever we’ve been given NOW, we are called to be good, faithful stewards because it’s technically all undeserved gifts from God.


      • Arwen says:

        Oh my goodness..Well I’m glad you got your car back. >.< Sounds hectic. Haha.

        Yeah I sometimes also wonder what's wrong with other people who don't feel convicted the same way I do. But God speaks to all of us differently..I guess..And yes I love your #3 especially. It definitely helps my attitude to remind myself that everything I have is from God, and I am entrusted with it to use it for His glory.


        • endorap says:

          For sure. We need to be obedient to whatever God has called us specifically. And we are all different, with various talents and gifts. So perhaps some of us need to sacrifice more in certain areas. Keep on pressing on, my dear! ❤


  2. Aaron says:

    Hooray for blogging! Appreciate your honesty here. In my busiest seasons, I need to make sure I schedule time to spend with God in his Word. Also, bummer about your car but you seemed encouragingly fine when I saw you the next day.

    I never really liked that chorus in Be Thou My Vision, but I liked it more when I heard my friend Jesse sing it.

    Good to see your friend Coral still doing music!


    • endorap says:

      Yeah, I’ve realized that busy or not, it’s still a daily struggle to read God’s Word. I don’t desire it enough.

      Haha I’ve forgotten how much I missed that version of Be Thou My Vision until I went back to visit. We could always try it sometime! 😛

      As always, thanks for reading and commenting!


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