Weekly Favorite Links (May 21-27, 2015)

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Starting from the beginning of this year, I have been in the midst of preparing for a big event for my church. The event itself would span three consecutive Sundays, probably not even constituting 24 hours in total, yet hundreds of helping hands and countless hours of email correspondences late into the night over the past several months have gone into preparation for it. Perhaps what makes this particular event “the biggest event of the year” is that it unites our entire church of all three language-speaking congregations in almost every age group.

At first, when people asked me whether I was stressed over planning and bearing such an enormous responsibility, I would respond that I wasn’t stressed about piecing all the pieces together. And I would say that my answer remains true, even with the last and biggest event being T-minus four days. Rather, my biggest concern at the time, which is still relevant now, is that my character would be right — that I would love God so much in order to love all the people that I would have the responsibility of managing.

I believe that loving others is the biggest burden for me, the one that carries the most weight. It ought to be for all Christians. Despite all the administrative duties that go into an event preparation, it is caring for my team members that holds a paramount significance. It is also the biggest blessing and gift from God that I have these opportunities in the first place to get to know people that I do not normally come into contact with because we have differences in our culture and age.

I could easily delegate assignments, coordinate meetings, follow up with all tasks assigned but what would be the point if I didn’t love the people? Those that are on my team aren’t simply chess pieces that I can maneuver into the right places so that we could get things done efficiently. Organization is important, but so are relationships. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ. How could they follow my directions and my leadership if they didn’t get to know me, my heart, and if I didn’t demonstrate Christ-like love to them? Likewise, how could I possibly manage a team if I didn’t actively invest and listen to them, to know their strengths and talents? This is all to say that my authority is limited and when it comes to leading, I cannot rely on my own strength. The work that my team and I are doing is not for our own glory, but God’s. Even when we are planning logistics, love for one another must be present because it must come out of an overflow of our love for God.

I can’t say that I know everything that it takes to be a good leader. Even after gaining so much experience for this particular setting, I think I’m still at level one. But if there’s one ingredient that is essential and absolutely necessary for good leadership, it is love — love for God and a love for others.


7 Characteristics of Servant Leadership – We should all strive to be more like Jesus.

35 Things I Wish I Knew In High School – Such wise, wise words for ladies. I think guys would benefit from some of these points too.

Can Women Teach Under The Authority of Elders – If you’ve been in Christian circles online, then you’d probably know that there’s been a huge discussion of women preaching and teaching. I think Jonathan Leeman’s comments on this topic have been the most thorough thus far and I like that he differentiates the framework of Presbyterians and Congregationalists. If you have about ten minutes, this is my most recommended read for you this week.

Can You Help Me Find A Good Church? – Christians need to be plugged into a solid, Bible-believing and Bible-teaching church. Here are some tips to find a good one.

Is This What Love Looks Like – Shout-out to our children’s director for linking this. “After 20 years of marriage, I am grateful to say that I love my husband and continue to admire him more than any other. But it is not our enviable compatibility that is keeping this marriage together. It is commitment—for better, for worse, in sickness and health. “If love is the whole thing,” writes Lewis, “then the promise can add nothing; and if it adds nothing, then it should not be made.” Love, in marriage, is keeping our promises. By God’s grace—before the witnessing world—we’ll keep them like Christ.”

Letter to Teens Unboxing Their First Smartphone – Challies was a guest writer for Desiring God this week and I love that he is so passionate about technology being used for the right purposes because it ought to be.

The Pattern Among Fallen Pastors – Relevant to all Christians. We all need accountability and aren’t meant to battle sin alone.

Women in Ministry – Tim Keller adds to the discussion and I rather appreciate how his church operates.


24 Lemon Recipes – For inspiration and if you don’t know what to do with leftover lemons.

Chicken Katsu And Mac Salad – I am totally craving this.

Ice Cream Spring Rolls With Ground Peanut Brittle – Totally speechless. Who wants to give this a try?

Super talented Izy Hozack, the blogger behind Top with Cinnamon, shares 5 tips for food photography.

Swirled Berry Yogurt Popsicles – I will be making some this weekend!

Twix Brownies – One of my favorite chocolate candies combined with another kind of my favorite chocolates.

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Coconut Oil Cookies – MADE WITH COCONUT OIL. I will be archiving this until a later date.


Are You Consuming Your Coffee Correctly? According to this video, most people are not. An informative 2-minute video.

I am not a fan of push-ups. Here are 5 reasons that I should do more.


Some of my friends from UCLA put together a Sam Smith Medley. Check it out.


  1. Aaron says:

    A great batch of links but an even greater personal post! I’ve been hoping to read about your experience with the Food Fair, and I’m excited to see what you blog after this Sunday. Your points on leadership can definitely be applied to the music ministry and to our team — thanks for sharing them.


    • endorap says:

      Thanks for the encouragement and I’m so glad that you always enjoy reading about my personal life. I will try blogging my thoughts about planning a big event. Remind me. That post itself would be a couple thousand words, haha.

      There is always room for improvement when it comes to leadership and in seeing various kinds of leaders model what that looks like in real life. I greatly appreciate yours and how you always strive to improve. Thankful for you, brotha!


  2. Tiffanie says:

    Hahaha, the coffee video was informative! I usually drink it earlier so I can poop “earlier”. =/ But good to know the hour gaps to stay alert!


  3. Chris says:

    I just remembered that you had a blog randomly, and this line really…touched my heart? “I could easily delegate assignments, coordinate meetings, follow up with all tasks assigned but what would be the point if I didn’t love the people?” Paul’s words here ring true – perfection matters not if the love isn’t there.

    It reminded that this is something that I struggle with, but I’d like to think I’ve gotten better, if only a little. The people around us are not tools, but people! The pragmatic and perfectionist side in me tends to focus on the task and delivering results, and forget that it is all for God’s glory. So thanks for this post, and I find it awesome that you were able to keep yourself focused on what really matters during one of our largest events!


    • endorap says:

      Aww, thanks for stopping by my blog, Chris! I’m glad that you were reminded that love must come above all else in our lives. I think Pastor H also preached on this a couple weeks ago when we were going through how the apostles in Acts needed to assign people to take care of the needs of the orphaned/widowed in the early church.

      I’m sure you are growing to love others more. God is faithful; the Holy Spirit in you and I is maturing us and transforming our hearts to be a little more like Christ each day. I confidently believe that when we ask God to help us to grow in areas that we struggle in, He will give us many opportunities to grow. With the Spirit’s help, we need to recognize those moments and to respond with the right attitude and heart.

      Thanks again for all your help with the fundraiser! We couldn’t have done it without you! 🙂


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