Weekly Favorite Links (May 14-20, 2015)

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Too often and too late do I find myself regretting that I didn’t savor the seemingly mundane moments in my life. I’m guilty of taking many things for granted, and at the top of the list is time. There are days when I wish time would hurry along, such as when I’m starting out my first steps in a run (which are always the hardest!) or if there’s a big event that I can’t wait to be a part of. On the other side of the spectrum, I sometimes wish time would slow down and come to a halt so that I could savor it some more. I reflect back to my college days of staying up with friends until the wee hours in the morning, not because we were studying (although we did plenty of that too) but because we were simply just talking about life and enjoying each other’s company. Little did I know that those talks would be counted as some of the most precious moments of my college experience, and that they would never come by again.

Then there’s that one hot summer day, when my grandmother took me all around the streets of Taipei, Taiwan to find the perfect wrist watch for me. A new watch was consistently one of the gifts she’d give me whenever I’d visit, which wasn’t often. It was an item that bound us together, no matter where we were, and seeing a watch would always remind me of her. To this day, I wear that watch wherever I go because of its sentimental value to me. Perhaps if I had known back then that God would take her home soon, I probably would’ve been more intentional that summer. Or maybe that’s just my own wishful thinking.

After graduation, I can’t just walk over to my friends’ apartments and start a conversation like I did so many times back in college. It’d be impossible because everyone’s now physically scattered throughout the world. While we used to all be in the same stage of life (college students), a lot of us are pursuing different things. Thus, it’s moments back then that challenge me to treasure the present and to have a sense of urgency for the future. The Bible reminds us that we’re finite human beings and we’re up against a ticking clock. Only God knows when our time is up. The author of James reminds us that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and that we are simply a mist from the perspective of eternity (James 4:14).

Time is the greatest gift that we can ever give because it is not something that we can ever refund or replay. There is no time machine that can turn back time, nor can time be rushed. Each and every second in this life counts. While every moment is fleeting, it also matters much. Just like all my other resources that I’ve been blessed with, time is a God-given gift. We ought to be good stewards of time, to live not for ourselves, but according to how God intends for us to live. I have to wholeheartedly agree with David Mathis from Desiring God, who says in his article, “One key principle in making our time-management Christian is this: Let love for others be the driver of your disciplined, intentional planning. It is love for others that fulfills God’s law.

So the question that I’ve been asking myself this past week, and the question that I’d like to extend to you is, how are you using your time and resources today to show love to others? 


Conflict Is An Opportunity For Grace – Amen. Amen. Amen.

God’s Google – My local church, made up of imperfect individuals that I love, is way better than Google.

Is Motherhood The End Of Beauty? – Motherhood is not the end of beauty; instead it can be the beginning of a deeper, more profound beauty, that transforms us from the inside out.

Piper addresses the question of whether a woman should preach next Sunday. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the discussions between him and Andrew Wilson.

Who Has Authority To Regulate Marriage? – In the midst of the controversies and arguments over this topic of marriage in our government today, we must remind ourselves that it was God who created marriage and he is ultimately the one that has the authority to regulate it. Marriage cannot be changed simply by human agendas.


5 Minute Homemade Peanut Butter – This is totally do-able. I am going to try making this at home.

Fake Shack Burger – YOU GUYS. Deb from smitten kitchen shares her recipe and words of wisdom on how to make an imitation shake shack burger! Ah, I’m so excited! I need to find time to try making this!

Funfetti Cheesecake – Looks so fun.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets – My childhood!

I have been experimenting a lot with chicken this past week because it’s been on sale. I’ve realized that chicken breasts are harder to work with than thighs, and it’s because I didn’t really know how to cook them well. If you struggle with the same problem, here’s a neat article that I found that guarantees juicy, moist chicken breasts every single time. 

Kimchi Potato Salad – Potato salads are my weaknesses. Love them with everything!

Nutella Roll Muffins – Nutella is one of the best man-made spreads ever created.

Spinach and Blue Cheese Biscuits – This needs to happen, stat. Instead of blue cheese, I think I’d use feta.

Vegan Spinach Mac and Cheese – Looks so creamy and cheesy, yet healthy!


Here’s an interesting story contrasting Mayweather and Pacquiao after their fight.

I haven’t practiced my calligraphy is a long time. If you’re getting started with calligraphy, here’s a free calligraphy worksheet to practice flourishes!

The Return of Superman – I’ve been a little obsessed with this Korean reality show starring celebrity dads and their young children. My favorite has got to be the triplets, Dae Han, Minguk, and Manse. They brighten up my day. Here’s a highlight of them learning about etiquette and calligraphy! Be prepared for The Cute.

With the help of professional makeup, watch this couple age through life together.


  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks for writing about time! I also appreciate you not just asking how I’ve been using my time to be productive. I want to start asking myself how I’m using my time to show love to others.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Arwen says:

    Living intentionally is by far one of the most difficult things to do. I’m not sure where I heard it, but most of our everyday decisions supposedly are made out of unconscious habit. Kind of sad, if you think about it. It’s hard to stop and think about what and why we’re doing something. Work in progress though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • endorap says:

      That’s a pretty insightful quote. It is sad that we often do things unintentionally. At first I thought you were talking about spontaneity, but that’s not it either. I think if we listened more to the Spirit, instead of ourselves, we would be free to live intentionally.


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