Weekly Favorite Links (May 7-13, 2015)

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Well, I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend celebrating and commemorating our mothers. Is it just me, or has May been a busy month so far? I feel like my days are just zooming by on fast forward.

Instead of writing about my week or something that I’ve been learning, I decided to share some random facts about myself so that you can get to know me better. I’d be curious to know if my friends knew some of these facts already, or if they’re all new information.


  1. I need a consistent and solid 7-8 hours of sleep every night. If I don’t get those hours, I must either endure the suffering of sleep deprivation or take a nap. Usually after a consecutive 3-5 days of not sleeping well and no naps, I get sick.
  2. I hate green onions, but I love green onion pancakes. If necessary, I’ll still use them in a dish to add more flavor, but that’s rare. It’s weird, I know. I’ve been told that I’m not a true Asian.
  3. I like to turn off my Wifi or Mobile Data whenever it’s not in use. Not just to save my battery power, but because I don’t want to be bombarded by notifications or to constantly be checking my phone all the time. I also don’t like to get onto the internet on Sunday mornings until after attending church. It just doesn’t feel right for me. I think there’s freedom in turning off our technology. It can wait.
  4. Eight is my favorite number. In elementary school, I used to practice writing my “8’s” a lot. Hence, eight facts.
  5. David Platt’s book, Radical, changed my life and how I viewed Christianity. I would highly recommend his second book as well.
  6. I like to watch Korean dramas in my spare time and I used to blog about them on another website, which is no longer active. My first-ever Korean drama was Dae Jang Geum and I watched it with my parents. While I don’t watch as much as I used to, I still follow what’s airing in Korea and am pickier about what I choose to watch. There’s a motto that my friends and I go by, and it’s “Life is too short to watch bad dramas.” I guess you could probably also argue that life’s too short for Korean dramas as well, but then it wouldn’t be half as fun. If I had a favorite Korean drama, based on how many times I’ve re-watched it, it’d be Answer Me 1997.
  7. My favorite Classic author is probably Jane Austen. It shouldn’t be hard to guess what my favorite Austen book is. I also love the film adaptation to this particular book. (Hint: Mr. Darcy)
  8. I have the utmost respect for Tim Challies and his blog. He’s been blogging every single day for years now. I think we’d get along well. He is definitely on my list of top five all-time favorite and most-read bloggers.


17 Things That Happen In Every Small Group Bible Studies – Something humorous from Buzzfeed. #16 made me laugh out loud.

Drinking It Straight – I do love my coffee black and can’t drink it any other way. It should be the same when it comes to God’s Word as well.

Is Christianity Dying? – Russell Moore addresses why the latest reports of self-proclaimed Christians at an all-time low is good news for the church. “We do not have more atheists in America. We have more honest atheists in America. Again, that’s good news. The gospel comes to sinners, not to the righteous. It is easier to speak a gospel to the lost than it is to speak a gospel to the kind-of-saved. And what those honest atheists grapple with, is what every sinner grapples with,” burdened consciences that point to judgment. Our calling is to bear witness.”

The Joy Of Graduation And The Crisis of Joblessness – Still relevant to me. “What you live for is so much more important than where you work.” This is so true. I’ve been told that I’m at the prime of my life right now. I’m single, unmarried, and young. While finding a great, stable career is important to me, it’s not my number one priority right now and I doubt it will ever be. Rather, it’s the people that God has blessed me with that I want to use my time to serve and love, be it coworkers, friends, or family.


Cinnamon Sugar Waffles – Woooww. Sugar overload, my favorite kind.

Greek Salad With Crispy Feta – Um. Two words: CRISPY FETA. Say whaaat.

How To Make A Perfect Graham Cracker Crust – I have to agree with Sally that store-bought graham cracker crusts suck and that making your own tastes a bazillion times better.

Kimchi Grilled Cheese – YUM.

Mini Ricotta Parmesan Cheesecakes – I had no idea one could make cheesecake from something other than cream cheese. MIND BLOWN.

Salted Caramel Butterscotch Blondies – My tummy is growling.


Why Our Brains Crave Sugar In Stressful Times – Story of my life. Interesting small study and I hope they continue to research how sugar affects our brains.


For all my Coke-loving friends. I know how much y’all like to pass on the love of Coke.

Tim Be Told recently released a cover of Kari Jobe’s song, “Forever,” with a video too! Listening and singing along to this song was an encouragement for me.


  1. Arwen says:

    Picture so pretty! And yea..May seems to be busier than usual other months. >.<

    I genuinely believe that smart phones are ruining our lives.

    I thought your favorite was "You're Beautiful"!

    Love that article relating coffee to preaching. Black coffee is the only way to go!


    • endorap says:

      I know. That photo is gorgeous. Yuup. Smartphones are great as a tool, but it’s becoming an addiction and idol that we constantly carry around. Haha I think I’m long past my You’re Beautiful stage. I think that’s still a drama that has some place in my heart, but not one that I’d recommend to people anymore. Btw, I think you’d really like “Misaeng.” It’s not your typical Kdrama. More on the depressing side, but it hurts so good.

      YEES. BLACK COFFEE ALL THE WAY. Except I haven’t had a cup in over a month now. I miss your coffee!


      • Arwen says:

        Yeah I keep flirting with the idea of turning off my phone for one day a week. Still haven’t been able to……I’m terrible. >.<

        Hahaha I see. Oh well. Nah I'm so not into dramas anymore. Hehe.

        Time to bring you some lovely Zumbar! Wait no coffee for a month? But WHY??!


        • endorap says:

          Oooh. We should make that happen. Turn off our phones for a day! It’s definitely possible. I always turn them off at retreats.

          Waahhh but some dramas are so awesome!

          I don’t drink coffee much at home. I usually drank it at work.


          • Arwen says:

            Haha I’m always worried that I won’t be available in case of emergency though. We’ll see.

            I’ve been too into my random shows. ^-^

            I would die without coffee..


  2. Aaron says:

    I think I only knew half the eight facts! Or at least I remember you mentioning them to me at one point in time. Good job with turning off your wifi/mobile data. I found myself getting annoyed with notifications — so I just turned off the sound and vibrate on my phone. And I don’t think I know anyone who reads Challies as consistently as you.

    It’s funny how you don’t like soda, but you love sugary foods. You like Kina Granis?


    • endorap says:

      Yes, having my phone go off constantly is quite annoying as well. I think it’s good that you keep it on vibrate just so that it’s less distracting. I also don’t like having a lot of notification icons on my screen because it kind of stresses me out.

      There’s just something about soda that I really dislike. Maybe the fact that it’s a carbonated drink and I just don’t like that there’s so many chemicals in there and it feels less natural. Even with sugary foods, I don’t think I can eat a lot of store-bought goods unless it’s good quality stuff.

      Yes, I do like Kina! Not a huge, huge fan, but I like her voice and her style.


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