Weekly Favorite Links (April 23-29, 2015)

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It is warming up in Southern California this week and I, for one, am not ready for summer. I just want to enjoy spring and skip to fall and winter. I was even hoping (and praying) that the little rain we got this past weekend would last longer into the week. I mean, hello, how awesome are free car washes? Alas, that was not meant to be. Sigh.

Hotter weather greatly affects my mood. I am definitely not a beach person and super sunny days just aren’t my thing. I am definitely a cloudy skies and raindrops kind of girl. When it’s blazing hot outside, I am much more easily irritable, more impatient, easily angered, and my body just feels unmotivated to do any kind of work. I just hate feeling sweaty and warm all the time. Can any of you relate?

However, I can’t blame the warm weather for a poor, unhappy heart. Just a couple days ago, I got upset at my brother and flew into a fit over something really trivial. Even in the moment, I knew I was sinning, but I still tried to justify my attitude and actions to myself. While the heat does raise my body temperatures, it cannot take responsibility for my poor choices. It only reveals to me what was already there in my sinful heart. And boy, it’s not pretty. But that’s when grace and mercy meets me. Sweet, free grace that shows me that I need Jesus, and that I need the gospel every single day. When I see myself for who I truly am, I am a wreck. A complete mess. Still, a mess that only God can make whole.

So while I hate hot weather, I am thankful for the lessons learned these past couple days. I need Jesus. Always.


I wish I could’ve gone to the TGC15 conference but you know what’s better than not being able to attend? Recordings of all the sessions! Yay! So excited to listen to these!

How Many Children Should I Have? – Good article about what does “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth…” really mean for our lives. Recommended read to my friends who are engaged or married or who’s interested in this topic.

How To Build A Faithful Witness In Your Workplace – Truth. “We must begin to see work as one of the places that deserves the best of who we are, not just in our job performances, but also in our relational investments. We mustn’t leave Jesus waiting and wanting outside the walls of our career. Jesus is the one who brings the greatest joy in our lives, and that includes the times between 9 to 5.

What Is Engagement? – I was just discussing engagement and marriage over dinner with some friends, and the next morning, Challies posted something related to what we discussed about. I love how God works. I really liked his definition of what engagements should look like. “The primary business of engagement is increasing relational intimacy to ensure compatibility. The couple makes their agreement (or engagement) with one another before their friends, family, and church, making it not only a personal agreement, but a community one. Engagement is a formal agreement that these two people are serious about pursuing the lifelong commitment of marriage and that, though they are not yet fully committed to marrying one another, they are escalating their intimacy to ensure that they can be suitable for one another.” He also emphasized multiple times that engaged couples should increase their relationship intimacy (note: not sexual intimacy), and goes into detail what that might practically look like. I found it to be pretty helpful.


7 Ways To Use Coconut Oil – Wow. As a butter substitute in baking recipes? Totally going to try that!

13 Souplantation Hacks – I think this article went viral on my Facebook this past week. One thing that I do want to try next time is the muffin top ice cream sandwich. Noms.

Chorizo Bacon Breakfast Burritos – I’m hungry.

Hollandaise Sauce – Whoever invented hollandaise back in the day was a genius. Who knew that combo on top of eggs benedict would become a classic?

Mango Salsa – Favorite kind of salsa!

Monster Avocado Sandwich – Avocados for days.

Purple Yam Pakodas – Something you might not know about me: one of my top 8 cuisines would include Indian food.

Super Easy One Pot Lasagna – One pot dishes are the best!

What To Buy At Trader Joe’s – What a neat post! Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite places to do my grocery shopping. I just love the spices section and pretty much everything else too. Ugh, we’re too blessed.


Don’t Be A Hater: Support Your Fellow Women – I rather enjoyed reading this and this was a refreshing perspective. A lot of people think that being a stay-at-home wife is an easy job and a waste of higher education. I like that Christy from Harvard Homemaker argues otherwise. “I am proud of my past accomplishments, but I don’t feel the need at this stage in my life to continue to achieve outside the home. I believe that my daughters (and my husband) currently need me more than the workplace does. I know I am giving up the chance to earn a big salary and a pat on the back in exchange for a thankless job with no sick days, no pay, and little respect. But there’s no place I’d rather be. So please don’t judge me for staying at home because I don’t judge those women who work (either by choice or necessity).”


See You Again Cover – Ugh, love love love love loooovvvveee.



  1. Aaron says:

    I find that my emotions can be swayed by my lack of food or lack of sleep. So if I’m wise, I would do my best to make sure I eat and rest. But that still does not excuse my heart attitudes and sin. So I agree with you — hooray for grace and the gospel! Thanks for the links!

    Liked by 1 person

    • endorap says:

      I think I’m the same way. When I’m tired or when I’m hungry, I tend to be a lot grouchier. But it doesn’t excuse my sins either. And yes, hooray for grace and the gospel! 🙂


  2. Arwen says:

    I don’t like hot weather either. We should all move! ^0^

    I think I read in Mere Christianity that external circumstances that cause us to react sinfully are only mirrors that reflect what’s really in our hearts. The rest of the time, our “good” behavior is just a cover. It’s when we’re caught off guard and aren’t able to pretend that our hearts are revealed. I thought that was crazy at the time because usually when we sin out of irritation/anger, we say stuff like “I was just tired,” as though that’s not our normal state. But sadly..it is.

    Yay for posting that last article! I loved it. I read somewhere recently that feminism is not meant to create a set of elite women who look down on those that choose “traditional” routes like house-wifing, taking their husband’s last names, etc. It’s meant to open up women’s choices so that they can all be respectable. Good reads, and quite relevant for me. =) I’m now more of the opinion that no matter what we do, we should do as best as we are able to glorify God.

    Liked by 1 person

    • endorap says:

      Man, I need to find time to read Mere Christianity sometime. I would have to agree with C.S. Lewis too, because Scripture does say that all of us have fallen short and that we were once dead in our sins before Christ made us alive. So our natural tendency is to sin, but it’s only when the Holy Spirit begins to dwell within us that we slowly fight against all that. Still, we won’t be brought to completion until we’re reunited with Christ.

      As for the article on being a homemaker, I really liked it because I was happy to read a non-Christian’s perspective on being a homemaker. I like that she did argue that her education wasn’t a waste, and that she has the ability to choose not to climb the corporate ladder because caring for her family is more important to her. I was recently catching up with some friends and it’s interesting that we all are kind of in the same boat. Some of us have been working straight out of college, but we’re still not satisfied with our current jobs or careers, and we’re all questioning whether it’s really worth it. I do think that as women, we need to remind ourselves that we just can’t have it all. We can’t possibly pursue and climb the corporate ladder AND be happily married with kids. It just doesn’t necessarily work that way because there are sacrifices to be made. I also do believe that God did create us to be nurturers of the home. This doesn’t mean that we can’t have growing professional careers, but it does call us to see the importance of motherhood and for us to make sacrifices on behalf of our families. Whether that’s to work to support and provide, or to stay at home, I would have to agree with you — we’re all called to honor God in what we do. Not for our own gain, but for His glory.


  3. Janna Lee says:

    YES! YOU ARE A FELLOW LOVER OF THE COLD! Except i dont really like rain car washes when the rain just carries a lot more dirt on your car XD can we just move to norcal already??

    i can definitely relate to you in justifying my own sinfulness and making excuses instead of taking responsibility and humbling myself before God. thank you for your post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • endorap says:

      That’s true about the rain giving your car more dirt than necessary. I do love the cold weather. Maybe we should all move up to NorCal one day, except it’s so expensive up there!

      Yeah, let’s continue to spur each other on. Aww, thanks for commenting! ❤


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