Daily Archives: April 3, 2015


I confessed to my discussion group at my church’s young adult fellowship that I felt timid, almost apologetic, to share my faith at work. When given opportunities to talk about what I do on the weekends, or how I spend my time outside of work, I sometimes stumble over my words before sharing that I went to church or did something church-related or that I hung out with church-related people.

Truth be told, I am afraid of what these people would think of me. I am afraid of how they would judge me. I did not want to offend my colleagues, some of whom are quite adverse to Christianity, or to cause any controversy. They’ve seen too many fickle, self-proclaimed followers of Jesus. Who am I to tell others what to believe, especially after they’ve been poorly treated by so-called “Christians?” They have their own comfortable lifestyles, their own way of life.

Or at least that’s how I would reason to myself.

But I know in my heart that I’m wrong. I know that when I choose to love myself more in that moment, when I fear man more than God, that I fail to remember how important and life-changing the gospel message really is. Continue reading