Daily Archives: March 9, 2015

Crispy Pork and Cabbage Spring Rolls

The search for extra crispy spring rolls began through YouTube several weeks ago. My mom and I were discussing preparations for our family’s Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner, and while I was on board to contribute, I had absolutely no idea what I should make. Should I make a meat dish? But then what kind of meat? Something with fish or chicken — no, wait, maybe beef. Or uhh pork. Shoot, maybe I should just go with a vegetarian option because that might be easier. BUT I WANT MEAT. Oy, the struggles.

Clearly, I was going nowhere and I needed some inspiration, but time was ticking. Thankfully, I remembered that someone had randomly recommended a Taiwanese cooking channel that they found to be helpful, and as I was browsing through some of the videos on the channel, I stumbled upon a tutorial for beef spring rolls. One video was all it took for me to be completely fascinated with perfecting the art of spring rolls by the time the dinner would happen.

Easily persuaded? Yes, yes I am.

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