Weekly Favorite Links (Feb 19-25, 2015)

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One of the biggest blessings of committing to a local church is the opportunity for discipleship — put simply, a one-on-one mentorship between a younger individual with an older individual of the same gender. In other words, it’s two people who are committed to intentionally pursue Christ-likeness together. Not every church does this, so I’m really grateful that the church I currently attend and commit to emphasizes discipleship within our church. What I appreciate most about discipleship is having someone older and wiser modeling their faith, and demonstrating to me what that looks like in perhaps more mundane aspects of life.

In my own spiritual walk, I feel like God uses that time with my discipler to reveal a lot of my own sin issues so that I could confess and work through them. And what’s great is that I’m not working through them alone, but that I do have someone to walk with me — supporting, encouraging, and affirming me. Sometimes during our meetings, I feel totally exposed, weak and broken. But then afterwards, there is joy and peace. Moreover, there is freedom — freedom from shame and separation because the grace of God is sufficient to cover all sins.

With that said, I really hope that the links that I share every week would not just be a place where I share all my “favorites,” but that I could share some important, helpful resources too! That really is my prayer and hope for these kind of posts.


To Speak Words that Bring Life – Great reminder that our words are powerful and we are to use our words wisely to edify one another.

12 Reasons Why Church Leaders Don’t Delegate – Really good read. It’s important that leaders learn to recognize the different spiritual gifts that each member of the Body of Christ is gifted with, and to delegate responsibilities to them. While there’s no such thing as a perfect leader, but we can learn from our imperfections and mistakes along the way, and we should do so by learning them along with the people in our churches. Ultimately, leading really must stem from a love for God and His people.

When God Calls You Out – Speak, Lord. I’m listening. “God brings trials into our lives to give us more of himself. Their purpose is that we might not rely on ourselves — not look to ourselves for salvation or hope or joy — but that we might rely on him. The purpose is that we would lean on God, that we’d fix our eyes on his glory, clinging to the truth that in Jesus he is always enough for us. Always.”

Carolyn Mahaney shares some more thoughts on forgiveness on Girl Talk. This was aptly timed for me, because there are certain individuals in my life that I know God is calling me to forgive, and I’m wrestling with obedience. In my circumstances, I find myself distrusting God’s sovereignty and wanting to forgive on my terms. Goes to show how conditional my love is and how I’m in need of God’s daily grace.

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus – “Every conversion is a miracle. There is no such thing as a boring testimony. Each story of coming to faith in Christ is an example of God invading the soul like a bolt of lightning, granting faith and repentance to a sinner in need.” I enjoyed reading a short overview and review of Nabeel Qureshi’s conversion story, which is detailed in his personal narrative. What really convicted me was that his journey as a seeker only started when serious believers around him demonstrated active faith in God and invited him into their lives. It convicts me because I know that evangelism isn’t easy, and I often fail to seize every opportunity in my relationships to talk about Christ. I need to take my witnessing more seriously, but also remind myself that ultimately, it’s God who saves. Yet will I be faithful to His calling?


Beef Wontons with Spicy Chili Oil – Making this soon since I have some fresh wonton wraps stored up in my fridge!

Double Vanilla Jam Donuts – Now this just makes me want donuts. And I’m not even a huge donuts person. (Yes, you may gasp now.)

Mini Matcha Cakes with Black Sesame Buttercream – Pretty, pretty!

Pepperoni Pizza Pull Apart Muffins – Gorgeous and delicious, plus easy to eat!

Salted Butterscotch Pots de Crème – Looks heavenly!

Spaghetti Pangrattato with Crispy Eggs – That crispy fried egg! Need to perfect crispy eggs. You’d think it’d be super easy, but it does take some practice.

Triple Chocolate, Double Graham S’mores Cupcakes – I like all things in cupcake form. This is absolutely unbelievable. S’mores. in. a. cupcake. GAH!


My friend’s band, Earth To Jupiter, just released their latest album! It’s different from typical mainstream music, but I really dig it. I particular love the intro to the track  “How Can I Let You Know.” Click here to download the entire album for free!

To the Broken Heart Music Video – Taiwanese band S.H.E’s Selina released a music video from her solo album. It guest stars Aaron Yan (from Fahrenheit) playing the broken-hearted friend that Selina’s trying to comfort from a breakup. It’s pretty mellow, but I like it!

Are drummers smarter that everyone else? Here’s an interesting study that thinks they are.


I love tea more than I love coffee, but I definitely appreciate both when they’re good. I dislike tasting low quality stuff, even if it’s cheaper. Here’s a link that’s very thorough on educating you on where you can buy good tea online!

Um. This 3-year-old is just TOO cute. I can barely understand what she’s saying but whatevs. I love her cheeks!


  1. Aaron says:

    I absolutely agree with your intro to this post! Hating a little bit here on other churches, but the great thing about having a multi-generational church is that your discipleship really can be multi-generational. There is a lot of wisdom to glean from and churches that consist of all “young” people are missing out. Also, I do find your links to be helpful resources, so thank you! It’s good to see what I’ve missed during the week and just to see what you personally recommend.

    Thanks for checking out ETJ and sharing! And you’re right, it’s totally different from mainstream stuff haha. A blessing and a curse.

    That 3-year old white belt is awesome. I think she has some type of Australian accent?


    • endorap says:

      Haha is it an Australian accent? I can’t tell!

      Thanks, having been to churches where discipleship wasn’t emphasized or even valued, I think this makes me appreciate discipleship at our church even more. Glad you like the links! Please share more of yours, especially related to music! 🙂


  2. Arwen says:

    Love what you said about discipleship! It’s so very true. My church is starting to put a greater emphasis on this and implementing ways to make it happen, which is very encouraging.


    • endorap says:

      Yay, so glad to hear that your trip is starting to put a greater emphasis on discipleship! We are called to not only be disciples of Jesus but to make disciples as well! Keep me updated on what’s going on at your church! Would love to hear how you guys are putting dship into action!


      • Arwen says:

        Yep it’s pretty cool. I mean, they’ve definitely always talked about it as a principle, but last year was when they first started taking steps to help us apply it practically. I’ll keep you updated for sure. =)

        Liked by 1 person

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