Weekly Favorite Links

For all those active in the workforce, Wednesdays are probably one of our favorite days of the week. I know it’s definitely mine. It reminds me that the weekend is almost here, which usually means more sleep (my favorite) + personal/church/family/friends time (also my favorite).

One of the best aspects of getting back into blogging is having a space to share all my favorite online reads. For my friends, this probably means less spam on their Facebook walls and email inboxes. No promises guaranteed though. Let the linking begin!

Mac and Cheese Party – This is such a great and fun party idea! I might host one in the near future. Maybe throw in dessert options too!

How to make homemade cough drops. This came in handy because I woke up with a sore throat today. Due to a shortage of time, I don’t see myself making this anytime soon, but I’ll be keeping this recipe in my archives for the future!

But God – This was such a crucial and poignant reminder for me and it came at a great time. I constantly take God – his love, grace, mercy – for granted. 

How to make macarons – Here’s a fact that many people don’t know about: I’ve never made macarons before. Given the popularity of this little cute dessert, I always get asked if I do whenever I bring up my interest in baking. I know I’ll probably tackle them sometime in the future, but it’s not something I see myself learning to make for a while. Still, it’s never a bad thing to educate myself on the whole process because I will make macarons one day.

Friendship Defined – My friend wrote this beautiful post on friendship. I’ve definitely been re-evaluating my friendships lately and limiting the number of people that I want to invest in, and those that I want to actively walk through life with. I dislike relationships that barely scratch the surface, but I know it’s nearly impossible for all my friendships to reach that level of depth that I’m looking for. Rather, it’s prioritizing which relationships matter the most and making sure that I’m not stretching myself too thin since I do struggle with not knowing my limits. Quality over quantity.

Tim Challies wrote up a helpful list of 13 areas where his family wastes money. From the list, I’d say I waste my money on eating out and impulsively buying junk that I never use. Always good to evaluate our finances and to see whether or not we’re being good stewards of the resources that God has blessed us with.

No Goodbyes… – I’ve been following Kara Tippetts story over the past couple of months. This guest post written by her sister made me cry but it also gave me a lot of hope. “So how do I say goodbye to my sister? Kara and I share so much but the most important thing that we share is faith. We have both accepted The Lord as our savior. We are both granted salvation. So I will not say goodbye to my sweet baby sister… I will say.. I will see you again my love.. And that is a promise!”


  1. Aaron says:

    You woke up with a sore throat!? Praying for you literally right now.

    Wednesdays aren’t too bad. Definitely better than Mondays 🙂 The link post idea is great!


    • endorap says:

      Thanks for the prayers! I don’t know why my immune system’s all messed up. Haha yeah, I guess I sometimes need to see every day with a fresh perspective. Every day, even Mondays ( 😛 ) are a gift from God!


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