The Days Ahead

This is a bit belated, but happy 2015! It’s hard to believe that January’s almost already over. I’ve been reflecting a lot about what God has done in my life within this past year and anticipating the changes that may happen ahead. And no, I’m not really talking about new year’s resolutions, but what I look forward to in the months to come.

I think if there’s just one thing that I’m really, really excited about, it’s how God will be working to transform me to be a little bit more like Christ.

Let me tell you why.


If I could sum up 2014 in just one word, it’d be exactly that – hard. Last year was perhaps the most emotional year in my (short) life to date. Even as I type these words, I feel so many conflicting emotions. I can’t recall having to go through as many changes – filled with numerous highs and lows – in one single chapter of life. But now that I can step back with a clearer picture of each unfolding event, I’m so thankful that it was rough. Nothing that I experienced happened by accident, nor was it wasted, and everything was completely under God’s control. In retrospect, I’m amazed at how much God has done in my life. I can praise Him for turning those hardships into my biggest blessings because I experienced His goodness through them. God was using every inch of what was going on in my life to refine me. In order for fruitfulness to occur, the pruning was necessary and for my good.

If there’s one lesson that I’ve had to learn and re-learn, it’s that God is enough. It was during my most difficult moments that God revealed the depths of my sins, my doubts, my fears, and basically just my desperate need for Him. I had no one else to turn to for comfort and peace but Him. It was such a precious lesson to learn that if I had the choice to revert back time, I’d still choose to go through it all over again. God’s ordained plans, in comparison to my own, were definitely sweeter and better by far.

I was also reminded that no matter what I had to go through, Christ experienced so much more without complaint. He humbled Himself and endured the shameful cross with joy so that I wouldn’t have to bear God’s wrath for my sins (Philippians 2:8, Hebrews 12:2, 2 Corinthians 5:21). I can have a personal relationship with God because He chose to sacrifice His Son out of His great love for me. I’m redeemed, made whole, because of the blood that was shed on Calvary; I was bought by a great price. My hardships, then, are nothing in contrast to what Jesus had to endure.

Therefore in this upcoming year, when I’m already guaranteed to face unknown storms ahead, I want to know more of Christ. I want to love Him deeper, to die more to myself, and to find further contentment in Him alone. My daily prayer request is to ask God to draw me closer to Him, to help me understand His Word. I recognize that my heart is deceitful and fickle, that my desires often reflect the trivial and temporal things of this world. But apart from my identity in Christ, I’m nothing. Apart from knowing Christ, this life is purposeless. While I don’t have any faith in my own abilities, I trust that the Holy Spirit dwelling within me is moving and changing me daily.

No matter what new journey I must embark on, whatever unknown paths await me, my God will never leave me nor forsake me. God is working, even when I’m completely unaware of it. He’s working to develop my character, to sanctify me, and to make Himself known to me. And since that’s the kind future that lies ahead, well, then that’s really something exciting to look forward to.



  1. Janna says:

    Endora! You have such a beautiful heart and God has blessed you with so many talents! Thanks for starting a blog and for sharing the way Christ has and is transforming your life 🙂


  2. Aaron says:

    Welcoming back to the blogosphere! I appreciate your boldness in just talking about your faith and I am excited to see what you’re learning. I know for sure I’ll be learning from you! You’re a good writer haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • endorap says:

      Aaron, thanks for leaving me such an encouraging comment! I’m excited but also half-nervous about what I’ll be sharing in the future! Thanks for reading and for being such a great brother in Christ! 😀


  3. Arwen says:

    Sweet Honey Buns, you are so positive and encouraging, my cynical self can’t stand it. Thank you for always being uplifting in my life and bringing hope to many, many others. =) Can’t wait to read more of what God’s doing in your life.


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